Cellent Technologies-A Route Mobile Limited Company

Sandip Gupta

Founder & Managing Director

Sandip is the Founder and Managing Director of Route Mobile Limited. As a finance specialist with more than twenty years of experience, working in areas such as business analysis, SAP configuration and software systems consulting, Sandip brings with him a wealth of knowledge.

His background as a chartered accountant and SAP certified consultant allow him to offer unique insights as well as providing the technical skills needed for developing end-to-end solutions from inception to reality. Prior to founding Route Mobile Limited with his brother, Rajdip Gupta, Sandip has held a variety of senior roles at prestigious organisations such as PwC India and Covansys (India).

Rajdip Gupta

Co-Founder & Group CEO

Rajdip is the Co-Founder and CEO of Route Mobile Limited. An early mobile and telecom enthusiast who pioneered hand-held device applications in the late 90's Rajdip is a visionary with a strong technical background. With more than sixteen years of experience working for multinationals across the globe, including MBT, AIS Comp USA, Gurukul Online and IBM UK

Rajdip brings with him extensive knowledge in software life cycle and implementation strategy. Rajdip's specialities include SS7, SMPP, Java games and Symbian, however, he is most passionate about mobile applications. His profound technical skills and outstanding management have allowed him, together with his brother Sandip Gupta, to build Route Mobile into a global mobile messaging and voice API leader. Rajdip holds a BSc in Physics and Computer Science from Mumbai University.

Sammy Mamdani


Sammy joined Start Enterprise in September 2010 and is directly responsible of all aspects of day-to-day operations across marketing, new product development, technology, support, accounts & finance, and human resources.

Prior to Start, he worked as Head of Finance & Operations at a private investment firm in India and as a Senior Consultant at Protiviti Inc.'s Internal Audit & Business Risk division in the United States. Sammy has a M.B.A from the University of Central Florida, Orlando and has lived in the US for 14 years prior to returning to India.