Global Enterprise Messaging System (EMS)

  • What is it?
  • How Does it Work?
  • Connectivity Details and Key Features
  • Examples of current client usage

An easy to deploy, in-house SMS system that enables you to send single or multiple messages in multiple formats to any mobile user across the world.

Cellent Technologies offers a single interface to over 450 mobile networks (GSM, TDMA, and CDMA) for one-way and two-way SMS connectivity. The International SMS platforms designed by Cellent benefit from our strategic tie-up with around 15 SMSC's internationally. This gives us the ability to deliver our client's messages to networks across the world.

We have created state of the art infrastructures, which support and facilitate millions of hits per month to cell phones across the globe. Needless to say, it is a highly robust and reliable route built in with redundancies at every level possible to ensure there are no latencies.

The system provides multiple interfaces for clients to suit their individual needs and most importantly, gives each client balanced priority for processing messages through a robust business logic application (as opposed to the standard FIFO method).

Clients are able to push messages to their customers in multiple formats through several routing options that ensure successful delivery.

Additionally, the in-house system incorporates several sender id features and options, spam message verification, NDNC message verification, online payments, invoicing modules, credit limit facility and monitoring, daily traffic analysis, multiple reporting options, and daily exchange rate monitoring. We have also customized this platform to act as a white label for some large enterprise clients, enabling them to manage the messaging of various departments and users in house.


An SMPP interface is available to qualifying customers. Please note the following basic requirements and specifications:

  • • Minimum 5,000 messages per month;
  • • Requires a dedicated BulkSMS username;
  • • SMPP protocol v3.4 is supported;
  • • Transceiver as well as transmitter/receiver mode binds are supported;
  • • Multiple connections under the same username can be organized into groups as required;
  • • SMPP access is disabled by default. Please contact us for more information on obtaining access.

Our SMPP connection is ideal if you need to send out a high volume of messages each month at high speeds. With an SMPP connection, you're continuously connected to our gateway, and the standard protocol requires no programming if you have SMPP software installed.


  • • All submissions are made using simple query parameters.
  • • Send and receive text messages globally – view our SMS coverage table.
  • • Reliable, proven high-volume platform, running on redundant, high availability hardware.
  • • Receive reply messages from phones (two-way SMS), without the need for dedicated numbers or any additional effort on your part.
  • • View detailed reports of all messages sent. Messages sent or received via APIs appear with the rest of your message history.
  • • Mobile Originating (MO) reply messages and delivery reports (status reports) are pushed to a URL of your choice.
  • • Language-neutral: being HTTP-based, integration is possible from almost any language (PHP, C#, Java, Perl, etc.)
  • • Unicode SMS support (70 characters in length).
  • • Concatenated message support (messages longer than 160 characters).
  • • Support for binary messages (WAP Push, vCards, etc.)

Web2SMS / Web Interface

  • • Send SMS to individuals and groups from any web browser
  • • Send SMS from your email client
  • • Send SMS from your mobile to a predefined group
  • • Personalize outgoing messages
  • • Schedule messages to be sent at a later date
  • • Upload existing lists from tab delimited files
  • • View message delivery reports
  • • View message history
  • • Provides secure messaging using SSL encryption technology

Desktop Application

  • • Ease of installation
  • • Integrates with Outlook address book
  • • SMS replies automatically come to the 'BulkSMS Text Messenger Inbox'
  • • Easy forwarding and replying to SMS's
  • • Create distribution groups
  • • Personalized messaging
  • • Upload databases from Excel, csv or tab delimited files
  • • Detailed reporting of all sent and received messages
  • • Quick messaging to large groups (up to 20,000 per group) and individuals
  • • Manages and sends to huge contact lists (>20,000 contacts)
  • • Connects to any ODBC data source
  • • Can connect to Pastel, ACCPAC, Maximize, SQL Server, and MySQL etc.

The client: One of India's Largest Private Sector Insurance Companies

  • The client needed a customized and automated mobile messaging system to inform their customers of transactional information such as policy expirations, renewals, application alerts, payment receipts, and overdue payments, as well as conduct promotional marketing campaigns.
  • With this information readily available within the client's systems, Cellent deployed a DSN software with a scheduling system that allows THE CLIENT to configure multiple rules for different policies. Based on the rules specified, Cellent's customized application automatically runs the query, identifies the policyholder's information, and automatically composes a SMS (based on template provided) and sends the SMS to the customer.
  • The application also enables THE CLIENT to set alerts for customers' birthdays and send them an automated message on the specified day and time.
  • THE CLIENT wanted to enable its different departments to send messages through the company intranet. For this, Cellent has deployed a client server application at THE CLIENT: the core SMS solution is integrated with the client's local servers, which allows them to manage their individual clients and vendors (like Vodafone, Reliance, etc.) and deploy SMSs on their behalf using our systems. All messages submitted internally are transferred to Cellent systems for instant delivery.
  • By deploying this system, THE CLIENT can now generate individual reports across each department and control the expenditures across all departments
  • This application enables the clients to create and manage individual users with any required parameters.

The client: A leading global airline

  • Cellent deployed a three-phase messaging platform for the airlines to communicate with its customers and management.
  • Phase 1- Core Enterprise Messaging solution: The client uses this platform to communicate with its customers and relay important flight information and status across the world. Cellent's core system is customized and integrated with the airlines' systems through SMPP protocol for seamless automation. The systems also interact with the airline's database and provide delivery reports integrated with physical logs to identify delivered and failed messages.
  • Phase 2- Inbound communication: The airline wanted to institute a mechanism to receive feedback and information for which Cellent has deployed local short codes and has integrated with operators. Using specific keywords, messages can be sent directly to a specific individual within the organization to facilitate immediate communication. For example, a customer can send a message directly to the VP Customer Service using s specific keyword if he/she wishes to complain or provide feedback on the airlines' services.
  • Phase 3- Global two way communication: Following the success of the local short code, the client wanted to deploy the same avenue on a global scale with two way communication, for which Cellent integrated a global virtual number. This VN is integrated in Cellent's enterprise platform and is used to send critical operational messages to the client's management team who then respond via SMS for instant two-way communication. Operational response time is greatly streamlined through the use of this system.


  • What are Long Codes / Virtual Numbers:
  • How Does it Work?
  • Examples of Virtual Number/Long Codes Usages

As an extension of the core Enterprise Messaging System, Cellent also offers virtual numbers that enables our clients to facilitate two-way communication with their target audience.

What are Long Codes / Virtual Numbers: It is a regular virtual phone number that the client can use as a senderID when transmitting messages or use to communicate with customers.

Any SMS sent to a virtual number is captured by our system which makes receiving and filtering a large quantity of messages much easier than receiving them on a handset. The system captures the sender's number, date, time, and content of incoming message. The client can then decided when and how to respond to each individual message through Cellent's messaging platform. Seamless and simple!

  • • Real time responses from customers
  • • Mobile Coupons
  • • All two-way communication (cheaper than Short Codes for end users)


Interested in having your own enterprise / bulk SMS setup? We can white label our platform for your use.
Key Features:
  1. 1. Readymade Website (No Programming Required).
  2. 2. Fully branded under your name.
  3. 3. Create unlimited Users/partners/dealers.
  4. 4. Set your own pricing.
  5. 5. Assign Sender ID's.
  6. 6. Create unlimited Sub-Resellers.
  7. 7. Provide API to your users to send SMS.